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On November 9th we found it hard to get out of bed. After considering emigrating to Uruguay to become a goat farmer, we decided that our aversion to tropical insects forced us to write political satire instead.

Thus, The Failing Times was born, borrowed from the moniker given to the Gray Lady by the 45th POTUS.

We congratulate Donald Trump on his election. We really, really, really hope he will be a good president. (Please, God, let him be a good president…)

But at the same time, Mr. Trump now steps into the arena of satire.  All presidents have experienced this. As the Fool, the Jester, we get to speak to the King like no other can. We make up stuff, but we do so in good humor to shed light on the King’s pronouncements. We speak, in a sense, to keep the King humble.

So in that spirit of good humor, with hopes for the future of America, in the tradition of American political satire—we give you The Failing Times. We hope it amuses you. We humbly apologize if it offends you.

But, it helps us get up in the morning. Maybe it will help you, too.