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Experts say danger of Trump being a real President has passed

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(POLITICAL SATIRE) (Washington, September 6, 2017) With the dismantling of DACA by the current administration, leading experts said the danger of Donald Trump being an actual President “seems to have passed.”

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was visibly relieved.

“For a while we were really worried that he could be the most successful Republican President since Reagan,  getting things done,” she laughed. “But it seems pretty clear he’s actually the village idiot.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was a bit nervous today when Trump made a deal with Democrats to lift the debt ceiling, the first time he’s reached across the political aisle.

“Right after I made that deal, I was concerned that he might actually be turning into a real, functioning President,” Schumer laughed. “But then I realized he’d be on Twitter tonight at 3am crapping on somebody. It’ll probably be me!”



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