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Trump says his hurricane is the ‘best hurricane’ with highest ratings

(POLITICAL SATIRE)(WASHINGTON. AUGUST 28, 2017) President Donald Trump said today that Hurricane Harvey, which has caused record breaking damage and unimaginable misery to Houston, was “better than any hurricane Obama had.”

Appearing in his new USA hat, the President said that his hurricane was getting “very high ratings.”

“That’s why I pardoned Sheriff Joe when I did, because I knew the ratings were going to be very, very big. Many people are saying it’s historic, you know, a tremendous hurricane. And I knew it would be and I’ve been saying it all along. And by the way, you can buy one of my hats on my website. What a hat, I’ll tell you…”


Political Satire, Not Real News.

But the misery in Texas is real. Please give generously to disaster relief: RED CROSS


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