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Trump Goes Into Private Meeting With Putin, Comes Out With Engagement Ring

(photo by Syda Productions via

(Political Satire) (HAMBURG -July 7, 2017) President Donald Trump met face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin today at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

The meeting went longer than anticipated, and when Trump finally emerged he was smiling broadly and could be seen wearing a diamond ring.

An inside source said an interpreter snapped a secret photo with a spy camera that showed President Putin presenting Trump with an engagement ring in a red velvet box. According to the source, Putin then made Trump get down on one knee, a reversal of a normal proposal.

Trump seemed pleased, although the ring did not fit very well because his hands are so small.

“The reason the meeting took so long,” the source said, “was a disagreement as to where they would honeymoon. Putin wanted beach, and Trump wanted golf.”

There is no word on whether the couple have set a date, although sources tell The Failing Times that Mar-a-Lago has been booked out for next June.



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