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Trump delays recognizing LGBT Pride Month because he can’t spell it

(photo by Michael Vadon, Wikimedia)

(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON–June 25, 2017) Since 2009, former President Obama has designated June as LGBT Pride Month. But this year, President Trump has still not made a similar proclamation, even though June is almost over.

Now, The Failing Times has learned what the delay is in proclaiming June “LGBT Pride Month”: President Trump is having trouble spelling it.

According to an inside source, “The first proclamation he dictated he spelled it “LEGO month”. The next try it was ‘LGBarBQ.’  Finally, he just called it ‘Gay Day.’ We’re not sure he’ll get it right before the first of July.”

It’s likely, then, that there will be no official proclamation this year. Sources inside the White House say that aides have given up on LGBT Pride Day and are desperately trying to get Trump to stop calling the 4th of July, “Mattress Sale Day.”



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