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GOP Unveils Wealthcare Bill

(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON–June 22, 2017) Sen. Mitch McConnell proudly released a “discussion draft” of a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the  Republican Wealthcare Act.

“We are very pleased that we’ve manged to wring out of Obamacare any resemblance to health insurance, and concentrate on what is really important, which is preserving the wealth of the hard working one percent, ” he said in a statement. “By gutting Medicaid, but by doing it slowly, we are giving the poor and elderly ample opportunity to figure out how to kill themselves when their healthcare subsidies finally run out. Make no mistake about it–Obamacare was destroying healthcare by actually making people healthier again. What Republicans want is what the American people want–to return to the days when sick people without insurance went to the emergency room, or simply died.”

Senate Democrats had no real organized response, since they were still hung over from the drinking bender the went on after losing a special election in Georgia.

The Koch Brothers opened a bottle of champagne, while President Trump, who hasn’t read it, said it was going to be “really good.”



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