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Comey: At White House Dinner, Trump Ate My Ice Cream

By Federal Bureau of Investigation ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON– June 8, 2017) Testifying before Congress today, fired FBI chief James Comey said he was very uncomfortable in his one on one dinner with President Donald Trump.

“I was shocked when he looked at me and quietly said, ‘I expect loyalty,'” Comey said. “Then, he picked up his spoon and ate my ice cream. I was stunned, because he had already eaten his own two scoops.”

But the President’s lawyer quickly punched back.

“President Trump flatly denies that he ate Mr. Comey’s ice cream. It was strawberry, and everybody–everybody–knows the President is strictly a vanilla and chocolate man. This accusation is outrageous.”

As he was leaving the White House to head to Baskin-Robbins, President Trump had no comment on the matter.



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