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Lawyers wrestle phone out of Trump’s hand, but not before he sends this Tweet: “Covfefe”

Gage Skidmore (

(POLITICAL SATIRE) (WASHINGTON–May 30, 2017) Despite his lawyers promising to screen all of President Trump’s Tweets, the president hid his phone in the footie part of his p.j.s and took it to bed with him this evening.

When his head counsel, Charles M. Snakeoil, discovered that Trump had it under his sheets and was beginning to Tweet, six lawyers jumped on the bed and wrestled with him until they could pry the phone out of his hand.

According to White House sources, Trump bit and kicked, and managed to Tweet out “Covefe” before the phone was finally pried away from him when an aide rushed in with four scoops of ice cream, twice the usual amount.

The Tweet is being analysed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Speculation is it might be a secret Russian code that translates roughly as, “GET ME OUT OF HERE.”



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