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Trump fires aide who suggests he tell the truth; sets up war room to spin Russia story instead

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(POLITICAL SATIRE) (WASHINGTON, MAY 28, 2017) Reeling from revelations regarding his son-n-law Jared Kushner and his possible ties to Russia, President Trump and his advisers have decided to set up a War Room in the White House to rapidly spin the facts about the Russian probe into alternative facts as they are revealed.

According to an inside source, when one of Trump’s junior counselors suggested that instead of setting up a War Room, they simply tell “the truth,” Trump threw his Taco Bowl at him and called him a “snow-flake liberal loser.” He was fired immediately, and preparations for the War Room are continuing. Trump also kicked his dog and set his tie on fire.

When The Failing Times asked for a comment, no one was available, because Sean Spicer was pouting about not meeting the Pope.



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