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Spicer refuses to hold Trump’s hand after he was excluded from Papal audience

By United States Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

(POLITICAL SATIRE) (SICILY, May 26, 2017) Things were frosty for President Trump today. According to White House sources, when the President attempted to hold hands with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Spicer coldly brushed it away.

The sources said that Spicer was still angry about being excluded from the Vatican meeting with Pope Francis.

“The President sent him flowers, candy. Even jewelry. But nothing’s worked. Sean is really freezing him out.”

Sources say that Trump may be planning a secret getaway with his press secretary in Venice.

“Just the two of them: gondola ride, candle light dinner. The President has hopes that will thaw Sean a bit. If that doesn’t work, he’ll probably just fire him.”



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