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Medical tests confirm: GOP has no shame

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(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON–May 23, 2017) After testing Congressional Republicans, doctors from Capital Medical Center in Washington have made a shocking discovery: they are completely lacking shame.

The new White House budget, supported by many GOP members in Congress, makes such severe cuts to programs helping the poor in the name of huge tax cuts to the wealthy, that Dr. Madeline Wha, M.D., realized there must be something wrong.

“It’s just mean to cut programs to the poor, while at the same time giving huge tax cuts to the wealthy, so I wondered whether the people supporting this budget had any shame. They don’t.”

Doctors are not stopping with a blood test.

“We’d like to do some scans to see if GOP members actually have hearts,” said a spokesperson for the hospital.  “I think I know the answer.”



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