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Trump mandates in new health care bill, that everyone will get a beautiful pony

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(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON–April 30, 2017) Making the press rounds today to sooth the nerves of his blue collar supporters, President Trump promised that every person who has health insurance under the newly re-written GOP plan– will get a free pony.

“And it won’t be, you know, just any pony,” the President told The Failing Times. “It will be the best pony. Beautiful. A beautiful pony.”

When asked whether there would be guarantees about pre-existing conditions, the President nodded. “Yes. We’re going to do the pre-existing. I don’t really know how. And we’re going to make sure the coverage is beautiful. And we are definitely doing the pony. The pony is a done deal.”

But many health experts warn that under the latest GOP health plan, people with pre-existing health problems could be thrown into state high risk pools, which could make such coverage much more expensive for older, sick people.

“Not going to be a problem,” the President said. “Because of, you know, the pony.”



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