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Trump marks first 100 days by renegotiating for another 100 days

Gage Skidmore (

(POLITICAL SATIRE) (WASHINGTON–April 25, 2017) With the milestone of the first hundred days of his administration rapidly approaching, and no legislative victories to celebrate, President Trump today tried to renegotiate an extra hundred days.

“Hey, I did it with the banks all my career,” Trump said. “They’d lend me money, and if couldn’t pay, I’d say, ‘what are you going to do?’ So they’d give me more time. So–hey, I’m a beautiful negotiator. It’s just, you know, and I’m happy. I do this, folks. I’m a–well, they said I’m the best negotiator and people are saying, they’ve never seen anything like it. So, I’m just. It’s fine, we’ve got healthcare coming along, and that’s working. And then the tax thing, and of course we’ve got the wall. And I did that great red hat with the Make America Great thing. But I just need, you know, another hundred days.”

Trump then signed an Executive Order making day 100 day 1 of his administration.



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