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Trump orders IRS to audit his 2016 return so he doesn’t have to release it

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(POLITICAL SATIRE) (WASHINGTON–April 18, 2016) On tax day, President Trump ordered the IRS to audit his 2016 return, and then argued that he would not release it to the public until the audit was complete.

This continues the reasoning that Trump has used since his candidacy, and one that has been disputed by tax experts and even the IRS itself.

When The Failing Times asked if the President might be trying to continue to hide ties to the Russian government, his accountants at Krushchev, Krushchev & Molotoff, CPAs, said that “there is absolutely nothing in his tax return to suggest any ties to the Russian government. We made sure of that.”

But an insider at the IRS told The Failing Times that Trumps latest return was “covered in borscht stains.”



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