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Trump appoints “beautiful” piece of chocolate cake ambassador to China

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(Political Satire)(WASHINGTON, April 14, 2017) After the success of President Trump’s meeting with President Xi of China, during which they bonded, according to the U.S. President, over a “beautiful piece of chocolate cake,” Trump has named the cake as the new ambassador to China.

The news was immediately hailed in Beijing, where a spokesman for President Xi said that “the President is looking forward to greeting Ambassador Beautiful Chocolate Cake warmly, and expects to have coffee soon.”

The cake, prepared in the kitchens of Mar-A -Lago, has never held a diplomatic position before. But this lack of experience does not seem to lessen the chances that the piece of cake will be confirmed by the Senate early tomorrow.

“All of us in the Senate look forward to meeting the President’s nominee,” said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “We will interview the cake and give it serious consideration.”

The President has also named, for the first time, an ambassador to North Korea, in an effort to show American strength and resolve in the crisis over nuclear weapons.

Ambassador Hot Dog On A Stick will be arriving in Pyongyang next week.



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