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GOP optimistic they can reach a healthcare deal to hurt as many people as possible

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(Political Satire)(WASHINGTON–Apr 4, 2017) Lead by Vice President Mike Pence, GOP leaders are becoming increasingly optimistic that their new healthcare bill could make it possible for many more people to lose their coverage than was previously thought possible.

Negotiating with the House Freedom Caucus, the new plan would allow States to opt out of requirements for basic services and the requirement that insurance companies have to cover someone with a pre-existing condition, like pregnancy.

“We’re really very excited about this, ” a GOP source said. “Think how many more sick and elderly people we can hurt with this plan. It’s beautiful. And then we’ll be able to use the money we save to give rich guys fat tax cuts. It’s a Lose/Win, in a big way!”

Chances are good it will have support even among the people it would hurt.

Jasper Littlelungs, a coal miner from Ohio who has emphysema from working around coal dust since he was 16, but who is covered under Obamacare, is worried that he will lose his coverage because he won’t be able to pay the large premiums the insurance company would be allowed to charge him.  Yet, he still supports Donald Trump.

“He’s a businessman, and I trust him,” Littlelungs said. “I mean, he hasn’t lied to me yet.”



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