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Animatronic Presidents Walk Out at Disney World After Trump Robot Added

By elisfkc from Orlando, FL, United States (Hall of Presidents on Election Day) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

(Political Satire) (ORLANDO–April 3, 2017) Visitors to Walt Disney World were afforded an unusual sight early today, when all the animatronic presidents from the “Hall of Presidents” attraction walked out in protest over a President Trump robot being added.

The only robot president not participating in the walk-out was Andrew Jackson, who said he didn’t know “what the big deal” was.

According to sources inside the theme park, the animatronic presidents were concerned that even less people would visit the attraction than come now with the addition of a president Trump.

“Look, people only come now when it’s raining or like a hundred and fifty outside. Otherwise they’re all on Splash Mountain, ” the robot Abe Lincoln said. “And even if they’re here, kids always talk during my speech. The last thing we need is this nut job making us even more unpopular.”

Currently, the Trump robot being installed has no voice, and there is a petition circulating to prevent one from being recorded.

But the animatronic Trump has a fully functional body.

In fact, the installation had to be halted and police called when the robot Trump grabbed one of the female technicians by the genitals. Installation was only resumed after the animatronic Trump’s tiny hands were temporarily removed.



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