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Trump says Obama had Leprechaun tap his phones

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(Political Satire)(WASHINGTON–3.17.17) Continuing to insist that former President Obama tapped his phones, President Trump said today at St. Patrick’s Day festivities that “Obama had the Leprechaun” do it.

Wishing “my Irish homeys” a happy St. Patrick’s Day, Trump started the celebration by “quoting that old Irish proverb: I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am.”

After welcoming Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny with a hearty “Top o’ the  morning to you,” and a glass of green beer, things turned serious when Trump’s remarks turned to his discredited claims of wiretapping.

“There is proof, beautiful proof, that I’ll be releasing soon, that my phones were tapped by the Leprechaun. They did that deliberately, folks, so there wouldn’t be any American footprints on this. And I also know that they stole his pot o’ gold, and it’s very unfair and the fake media aren’t talking about this.”

When reached for comment, the Leprechaun said, “That man would try to sell ya the eye out of yer head.”



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