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Obama spies on Kellyanne Conway thru her hair dryer

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(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON, 3.14.17) Kellyanne Conway said this morning that she heard a voice coming from her hair dryer, and she was certain it was former President Obama’s.

“He’s the Napoleon of Crime, ” Ms. Conway said. “He sits in a tech room all day and uses regular household appliances to spy on us. We already know he’s used the microwave to spy on President Trump. Now this.”

When The Failing Times asked what it was Obama said through her hair dryer, she said:

“I heard his voice. It was chuckling. It said something like, ‘your roots are showing,’ but I couldn’t be sure of that because I was on the high setting and it was noisy. But look, no one in America is safe from this man.”

Indeed, reports are coming in all over America about Obama talking to citizens through their household appliances.

One man, Edgar Sorrynow, who voted for Trump, said he heard Obama talk to him when he was using his Mr. Coffee Machine.

“He said: ‘Have you had enough of The Donald yet? Miss me?’ And you know what? I do!”



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