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Ryan says Trumpcare gives Americans the ‘Freedom to go bankrupt’

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(Political Satire)(WASHINGTON, Mar 12, 2017)Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, trying to sell the GOP healthcare bill, said today that unlike Obamacare, which mandates that you sign up for insurance, Trumpcare does not.

“See, we give you tax credits. If you’re older you get $4000!  But we don’t make you get insurance–it’s your choice!” Ryan said. “With Obamacare, you have to sign up. And if you can’t afford your $18,000 insurance payment, you get Medicaid to pay your premiums. But you lose your freedom! In our plan, you can take that $4000 and put it towards that $18,000 policy. And you can pay the rest through all that money you save in your personal savings account. Now, that’s freedom!”

When The Failing Times asked Ryan what happens if after your $4000 tax credit you can’t afford your premiums, the Speaker said:

“Well, then you go bankrupt. But that’s the American way–you get the freedom to choose.”

Harvey M. Ambulancechaser, head of the Society of Medical Bankruptcy Lawyers, fully supports the GOP plan.

“We were really depressed at the reduction of healthcare bankruptcies under the Affordable Care Act. But hey, happy days are here again!”



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