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Democrats propose Trump take up painting and George Bush return as President

By White house photo by Eric Draper. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON, Mar 11, 2017) Democratic leaders today said they would support sending Donald Trump to art school to take up painting, if George W. Bush would lay down his paint brushes and come back to the White House.

“Look, I didn’t support a single thing that President Bush did,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pellosi. “But I’m quite certain that he wasn’t working with the Russians. Oh, and he didn’t Tweet crazy stuff at three in the morning. Bring back Bush.”

The Democrats have even gone so far as to send President Trump some paints in an attempt to get him interested.

“They’re a lovely set of finger paints,” said Sen. Al Franken. “We’re encouraging Donald to start by painting kitties and horsies and then work up to portraits.”

At his ranch in Texas, former President George W. Bush was unavailable for comment, as he had run out to the art store to pick up a tube of Titanium White.



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