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GOP Leaders Spend Hours Debating whether Ryan’s sleeves should be rolled up

Photo by U.S. Congress [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON, Mar 10, 2017) An inside source told The Failing Times that the senior members of the GOP spent hours debating whether Speaker of The House Paul Ryan should appear on camera with his sleeves rolled up.

“They could not remember whether ‘sleeves up’ meant hard work or if it should be sleeves rolled down, ” the source said.

Some leaders argued that one sleeve should be rolled up, and the other rolled down. One high level GOP member insisted that Ryan wear his suit coat, with one arm in one sleeve, and the other out, with his shirt rolled up.

“There was a small faction of leadership who not only wanted Ryan’s sleeves rolled up, but his shirt tied high, exposing his abs. The Speaker is known for his six pack.”

At the end of the day, GOP pollsters brought in evidence to suggest that people who actually work for a living roll their sleeves up.

“That’s the decision they went with. It seemed to go well, ” the source said.



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