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Ben Carson says slaves are first examples of “the right to work”

By U.S. Government ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON–Mar 7, 2017) HUD Secretary Ben Carson got off to a rocky start yesterday when he told his staff that slaves were the first example of the Republican idea of “the right to work.”

“They came here as immigrants,” Carson said. “They worked hard. They didn’t need a union. They had the right to work and that’s what they did.”

The comments, similar in tone to when Betsy DeVos called black colleges an example of school choice, caused immediate outrage in the black community.

“Uh–no,” said a spokesperson for former President Obama.

But President Trump was quick to defend Secretary Carson.

“Ben is one of my African Americans, and I love them. He knows what he’s talking about,” Trump said. “Just ask my main man Frederick Douglass.”



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