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Trump, citing no evidence, now claims Frederick Douglass tapped his phones

George Kendall Warren [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. NATIONAL ARCHIVES

(Political Satire)(MAR-A-LAGO, FL–Mar 5, 2017) A day after claiming former President Obama tapped his phones, a claim met with widespread incredulity and outright laughter by some, President Trump today says there is a conspiracy.

“The President believes Frederick Douglass is working for President Obama,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer said today. “This was a plot to tap his phones, and it must be investigated.”

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was quick to offer his support.

“We know that Frederick Douglass visited the White House, so I believe there’s enough of a question here that we ought to forget about all this Russia stuff and take a look at this.”

According to information gathered by The Failing Times, Frederick Douglass did indeed visit President Abraham Lincoln at the White House.

As of press time, there remains no evidence that Mr. Douglass ever visited President Obama. When told of this, Sen. McConnell said:

“Hillary Clinton’s emails.”



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