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Trump bans all media from press briefing except Meatloaf Quarterly

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(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON–Feb 24, 2017) President Trump today banned all media, which he calls “the enemy of the American people,” from White House Press briefings. The only publication permitted to stay is a little known food magazine, Meatloaf Quarterly.

“I love meatloaf,” the President said. “I asked Chris Christie to lunch and told him he could order anything he wanted, as long as it was the meatloaf.”

Mrs. Ida Mae Washington, Trump’s childhood nanny, said:

“Donnie just loves his meatloaf. Of course, I still cut it up for him, but when it comes to meatloaf, he’s always ready for seconds and thirds.”

Faced with only one media outlet to take questions from, Press Secretary Sean Spicer fielded some tough questions from the food magazine.

“What is the President’s position on gravy?” Meatloaf Quarterly asked.



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