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Woman Who Can’t Afford To Fix Car Thrilled She’ll Be Able To Put More In Health Savings Account

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(Political Satire)(BLOOMINGTON–Feb 19, 2017) The GOP announced part of their replacement plan for the ACA, and much of it was House Speaker Paul Ryan’s old idea of increasing the tax deduction for people who sock away money into a Health Savings Plan.

“I’m really happy about this, ” said Mrs. Miriam Middleclass, of Bloomington, Indiana. “Right now I’m working three part time jobs and I have to take the bus because I have to fix my car, which is going to cost me $750. And my kids need asthma medicine, and my husband is looking for work. But in eight months or so, I will be able to start putting away two or three dollars every other month into one of those savings plans, and I should be able to save up for that hernia operation real fast.”

“This is just the kind of person we are trying to help,” Mr. Ryan said. “Think of the burden we’ll be lifting by allowing her to deduct those few dollars from her taxes.”

In the meantime, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act will give an almost immediate tax cut of millions of dollars to each of the wealthiest persons in America, and provide no guarantee that average people will be able to afford a policy at all.

But Mrs. Middleclass understands this.

“Those rich people need that tax cut. I mean, they doubled the cost to belong to that private club at Mar-a-Lago,” she said.

The Trump Administration is not deaf to the cries that policies may be unaffordable under the new plan.

“We’re working on that,” said Tom Price, head of Health and Human Services. “We are in the last stages of putting together some health plans that are really, really inexpensive and that work great, except in the unlikely event that anyone gets sick. We are the party of the people!”


This is SATIRE.

But this is all TOO Real:


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