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Trump shown ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ videos to teach him how government works

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(Political Satire)(WASHINGTON, Feb 18, 2017) Sources deep in the White House told The Failing Times today that desperate staffers have been secretly piping episodes of Schoolhouse Rock into the President’s TV set, in an effort to teach him how the U.S. government works.

The cartoon show, which ran on Saturday mornings during the bicentennial years of 1975-76, cleverly taught children civics  lessons by using catchy rock songs. An earlier series in 1974 also taught lessons about how the English language works.

“We have been playing  The Preamble a lot, in the hopes that he can learn what the Constitution actually is,” the spokesperson said. “Lately we’ve added I’m Just A Bill to the mix. I don’t know, maybe it will clarify how laws are made, since right now he thinks he makes them.”

The staffers insert the cartoons in between Mr. Trump’s daily TV viewing.

“The President seems to enjoy them, although Krazy Kat is still his favorite cartoon.

If the strategy proves effective, the source said they may try to improve his grammar as well.

“We’re thinking of adding Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here into the line-up beginning next week. We hope it goes over, bigly.”

P. Scully contributed to the reporting of this story.



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