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Trump insists he can bring cost of the wall ‘way down’ by not paying workers

Gage Skidmore (

(Political Satire, STILL Legal in the USA) (WASHINGTON–Feb. 11, 2017) Faced with a cost that has expanded into the billions, President Trump said he can get the price of his border wall with Mexico “way down.”

“It’s simple math,” Trump said yesterday. “I hire Mexicans to build the wall. Great people, by the way, because remember, I love the Mexican people. Wall gets built. I stiff them. Cost of labor winds up a beautiful nothing. Zero. Big win. America great again.”

Leading economists all agree that the numbers make sense.

“It is a fact that if one doesn’t pay their workers, the cost of something is greatly reduced,” said Harriet M. Numbercruncher, from the Office of Budgets. “The President seems to be right on this one.”

GOP leaders were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

“I think the President’s ideas should be extended as a way to get us out of our crippling deficits,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said. “I’m calling on all American workers to refuse their paychecks so we can then cut taxes for the 1%. It’s a better way.”

Newly minted Secretary of “Edgukation”, Betsy DeVos, went even further.

“We’re way out in front on this one. Beginning next month, we’re going to stop paying teachers. If they really loved children they’d work for free. And anyway, how hard a job can it be?”




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