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Grandmother about to lose Medicare furious at Nordstrom’s for dropping Ivanka’s Fashion line

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(Political Satire, STILL Legal in USA) (TRENTON, N.J.–Feb. 8, 2017) A 78 year-old woman who stands to lose Medicare when Tom Price is confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services this week, said she was “furious” that Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was dropped from Nordstrom’s.

“I called them up. I think it’s a shame,” said Mrs. Ethel Suckerpunched, who relies on Medicare and Social Security to avoid living in poverty. “She’s such a nice young woman, and her clothes are very nice.”

Mrs. Suckerpunched, who will suffer greatly and be forced to eat cat food so she can afford to buy her insulin if Mr. Price manages to cut the billions of dollars he is suggesting on gutting from the Medicare program, was also terribly upset when earlier this week Neiman-Marcus dropped Ivanka’s clothing and shoes from their stores.

“What’s the world coming too?” Mrs Suckerpunched cried. “How can we allow this to go on? Ivanka has been WRONGED! I worked all my life, to see her treated like this?Where’s the outrage?”

Meanwhile, the confirmation of Price appears to be certain later this week.



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