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Doctor says prescription drugs are not making Trump crazy

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(Political Satire, STILL Legal in the USA) (WASHINGTON-Jan 5, 2017) A leading medical expert today said that there was absolutely no reason to be concerned that the prescription drug the President is taking causes any sort of “crazy behavior.”

“Any looney, bat-shit stuff is all on the President,” said Albert Pillscribbler, M.D. “The meds he’s taking, presumably for hair loss? Most people may get depressed, or have some sexual disfunction, or–you know–grow their hair back. But it’s very rare for anybody to call up the government of Australia and cuss them out.”

The doctor said that many, many trials have been conducted on the drug the President is taking.

“I know of no known incident where any of the participants in those drug studies banned Muslims from entering the United States as a result of taking these drugs. The fact that the President has done it makes me wonder if we don’t need some sort of warning label.”

In fact, The Failing Times reached out to the FDA and asked about that possibility.

According to a source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the FDA is considering the following warning label:

“WARNING: Taking this drug may cause you to insult women, judges, members of the press , minorities, sign things you haven’t read, threaten war with Iran, build a wall, insult leaders of foreign countries, mistake yourself for a dictator, and turn off the recorder when talking to Putin on the phone. If any of these side effects happen to you, immediately stop taking this medication and resign from office.”



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