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After exhausting week ruining the country, Trump takes weekend off

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(Political Satire, STILL Legal in the USA) (FLORIDA, Feb 3, 2017) President Trump headed to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, taking Saturday and Sunday off from the exhausting job of destroying the United States.

“Man, I’m beat,” the President said, as he boarded Air Force one. “Between almost getting us in a war with Iran, and starting a constitutional crisis, and pissing off Australia, I’d say I deserve this vacation.”

Trump plans to regularly take the weekend off.

“It’s just so exhausting for him,” said top adviser Kelleyanne Conway, who herself must spend every day between sunrise and sunset resting in a coffin filled with dirt from her birth place in Camden, New Jersey. “Recharging is so important.”

Indeed, the President has a busy week planned beginning Monday.

“I’ll be back, nice and fresh, to continue the great task in front of me. There’s just so much more to wreck to make America Great Again.”

J. Staugas contributed to the reporting of this article.



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