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Pence calls Trump “Man of His Word” and doesn’t collapse in laughter

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(Political Satire, STILL Legal in the USA) (WASHINGTON, D.C.–FEB 2, 2017) In a televised interview , Vice President Mike Pence called Donald Trump “a man of his word,” and managed to keep a straight face and not laugh out loud once.

“I tell you, it was hard, ” Pence said afterwards. “But I’m used to the give and take with the press. I put this really friendly but serious look on my face, and then tilt my head like I’m listening really hard and care about what you’re saying, when all along I’m thinking, ‘don’t laugh…don’t laugh.'”

“I tell you, I really admire the man,” Sen. Lindsey Graham , Republican of South Carolina, said of the Vice President. “To be able to sit there on camera and say that the President keeps his word without a belly laugh? I mean, that’s grit. Trump’s told some whoppers, no?”

Not in modern memory has a U.S. President been caught in so many falsehoods. So many, in fact, that the press has been agonizing about whether to call them “lies” or “falsehoods,” or “alternate facts.”

We at The Failing Times, after serious consideration, have reached a policy of our own.

From now on, we will consider everything the President says a lie.

It’s just easier that way.



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