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Trump replaces Attorney General because he missed saying ‘you’re fired’

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(Political Satire, STILL Legal in USA) (WASHINGTON-Jan 30) Sources inside the White House say President Trump fired the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, prompting the biggest constitutional crisis since the Watergate era, because he missed saying, “You’re fired!”

“I know he was really wanting to say it again,” the source said of Trump’s famous The Apprentice line. “He has been wandering around the White House, firing the portraits of the presidents.”

But the official White House position is that Yates was fired because she would not carry out the President’s immigration policy. “It’s a betrayal,” a White house spokesman, who appeared in a gray uniform with a stripe up the leg and and an odd red and white arm band, said today.

The Failing Times spoke briefly on the phone with Trump late this afternoon.

“It’s important to have a catch phrase. You know, like, ‘what you talkin’ about, Willis?’ ‘You’re fired!’ is mine, ” Trump said. “Besides, I love how on the show there was this tense moment and the camera would linger on me wondering if I was going to say it. I did that with Yates, too, only I was on the phone and she thought I had fallen asleep.”

We reached out to Yates for comment, but she was busy being relieved that she did not have to carry out such an atrocious policy.



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