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Family about to lose health care agree with Trump: Meryl Streep overrated

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(Political Satire, Still Legal in USA) (MICHIGAN, JAN 13, 2017) While the House voted on a procedure that would fast track the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Mr. & Mrs. Raul Cabbage were relieved that somebody finally called out actress Meryl Streep.

“Look,”  said Mrs. Cabbage  who is recovering from a rare cancer that is covered under Obamacare but may not be under whatever plan the GOP comes up with, “Streep’s been in a lot of stuff. And she’s been good. But enough with the accents. I can’t understand her half the time!”

“I’m glad Trump called her out, “said Raul Cabbage, who has been out of work and needs Medicaid expansion under the ACA to get subsidies for the insurance that covers his liver condition. “Why can’t she just play herself? Always putting on wigs and being characters. That’s not entertainment. Military bands, like the ones that will perform at Trump’s inauguration– that’s entertainment!”

When The Failing Times asked Mr. Cabbage how he could be so concerned with Meryl Streep’s acting when he is about to lose the health care that keeps his son on dialysis, the little 12 year-old, Milo,  buried his face in his hands and wept.

“She was just so bad in Mamma Mia,” the boy cried. “So, so, bad.”


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