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Kellyanne Conway asks people to look inside Trump’s heart; Doctors confirm he doesn’t have one

Photocredit: Gage Skidmore

(Political Satire, Still Legal in the USA)  DEVELOPING:  NEW YORK– In a stunning revelation today, leading cardiologists from New York City have confirmed that President-elect Donald Trump has no heart.

“We were as surprised as anyone,” said Dr. Byron Melonbeans, a leading heart specialist. “After Ms. Conway asked all of us to ignore Mr, Trump’s words and look into his heart, we were naturally curious to take a look.”

The discovery was made during a routine physical, but it did not surprise Mr. Frank Chamberbuns, doorman at Trump Tower who works part time and currently receives his medical care through the ACA.

“He wants to throw all those poor folks off their health care? Of course he doesn’t have a heart. And what about that 89-year-old guy who has announced the inauguration parade for years? He fired him.” Then, he added, “While the doctors are looking around they should also check inside his head.”


Political Satire–Not real news. So relax and smile.


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