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Inauguration entertainment set, with Tipsy the Balloon Folding Clown headlining

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(Political Satire, Still Legal in the U.S.A.) WASHINGTON– The Inaugural Committee for President Elect Donald Trump has announced that they have finally lined up entertainment for the gala event.

The President-elect Tweeted, “We have so much entertainment. The best entertainment, despite unfair media reports. Sad.”

Worries have been widespread that many A-list entertainers have either refused or want nothing to do with Trump’s inauguration festivities, but Boris Slaminkoff, who is producing the event, said a top roster of acts had been lined up and are under contract to perform.

“We are most excited about Tipsy the Balloon Folding Clown, an act that will please Americans young and old. He can fold balloons into anything, including a very good likeness of the President-elect.”

But rumors are swirling that Tipsy was the second choice. A source has told The Failing Times that Bobo the Clown, the committee’s first choice, refused to participate because he had a Bar Mitzvah booked for the same date, and it paid him $10 more.

Other entertainers are; Russian State Circus headliners The Petersburg Dancing Poodles; The Mar-a Lago Kitchen Staff Mariachi Band; 12 year old-magician Little Tommy Houdini; The North Carolina GOP Glee Club for the Criminally Insane; and the Estate of Bob Hope, since Mr. Hope himself has been dead for many years.


This story is POLITICAL SATIRE and NOT Real News. Smile, everybody.

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