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Trump reveals cabinet picks are for new ‘Political Apprentice’ show

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(Political Satire, Still Legal in USA) BURBANK– A spokesman for the Trump transition team confirmed that President-elect Donald Trump had deliberately chosen so many inexperienced cabinet heads so that they could serve as contestants on his new NBC-TV show, Political Apprentice.

“It seems like the perfect fit. The Apprentice franchise is still running strong, why not do a version in Washington and focus it around politics? The Donald President is really excited about the idea,” the spokesman said.

Reaction to the announcement was mixed.

“Rumors have been swirling for days that Trump would soon make clear why he would choose a candidate for Secretary of Education  who had never taught in, administered or even sent her own children to a public school,” said National Teacher’s Association President Myrtle M. Crabapple in reference to Trump’s pick for the post, businesswoman Betsy DeVos. “Now it makes perfect sense. And by the way, we’re hoping that Ms. DeVos is the first to hear the President say, ‘You’re fired!’.”

The Failing Times has confirmed that the Executive Producer-President, the first such hyphenate in TV history, is taking a much  higher personal interest in this show than he is in Celebrity Apprentice.”

“He’s definitely planning on hosting.  He figures he can use the Oval Office as the set, with the contestants seated on the couch. Very Presidential,” said the source.

“At first he was thinking of sitting in a big gold chair, but he eventually nixed that idea. He’s sent to the Smithsonian for JFK’s rocking chair, so he can look relaxed but still like a leader of the free world, even though it’s just a TV show. It’s going to be very exciting, very edgy.”

A Trump team source confirmed this.

“We’re going for the drama of the “Cuban Missile” thing, without the mess of nuclear war,” she said, then added, “At least not in season one.”

When President-elect Trump was asked about his views on the first ever White House reality TV show, he said: “It’s unpresidented.”


This story is POLITICAL SATIRE and NOT Real News. Smile, everybody.


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