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Angela Merkel Plans to Executive Produce Revival of “Hogan’s Heroes”

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(Political Satire) BERLIN — Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, announced today that if President-elect Trump can Executive Produce a television program, she wants in.

Mr. Trump announced yesterday that he would continue on as the Executive Producer of the reboot of his television program, “The Apprentice”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to a spokesperson for Merkel, “The Chancellor has been interested in producing TV for years, but always felt it would be inappropriate to do so. But, now that President Trump has broken the barrier, she is excited to press forward.”

According to Sol Gelder, Ms. Merkel’s agent at William Morris-Endeavor,  the agency shopped a development deal for Merkel all over Hollywood.

“We talked to the major networks. Angela was thinking of a reality show about her life as Chancellor, but no one could stay awake during the pilot.”

At one point a documentary, “Hitler’s Favorite Musicals” was in the mix, but Merkel finally decided on a remake of the classic 60s comedy, “Hogan’s Heroes.”

“It seemed to be a good fit, ” agent Gelder said.

When news of Merkel’s producing plans broke, President-elect Trump was quick to comment by Twitter.

“Now the Kraut wants to produce. Pathetic. What’s next, the Pope brings back Mr. Ed?”

When asked to comment, a spokesman for the Vatican said the Pontiff, an animal lover, “preferred Lassie,” and was in conversations with Vatican TV to secure the rights.


This story is POLITICAL SATIRE and NOT Real News. Smile, everybody.


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