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Trump Pranks America: “None Of It’s True!”

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(Gage Skidmore)

(Political Satire)NEW YORK– Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton emerged today from Trump Tower with huge grins on their face.

“Boy, America, did we ever play you!” Mr. Trump said. “It was all an enormous publicity prank.”

The flamboyant business man went on to reveal that all of it–the campaign, the seemingly disconnected Twitter rants, the talk of building a wall, the appointments to his cabinet, repealing Obamacare, talk of privatizing Medicare– was all a big joke.

“Look, last Christmas I was sitting around with Bill and Hillary, and we got to thinking: what would be the craziest, funniest way to get America laughing again?”

When asked if that meant that Mrs. Clinton was actually the 45th President of the United States, Mr. Trump said, “Of course! Why would I want to be President, with people screaming at you, with all the Secret Service? I mean, have you seen Fifth Avenue? It’s a mess. Why would I put New York through all this?”

Mrs. Clinton said she was grateful to “Donald, for giving me a respite from all the talk about my emails. At least I had a couple of weeks away from all that,” she said.

When asked the purpose of the practical joke, the largest in the history of the country, Mr. Trump said that he was planning to return to television, this time as the star of a fictional TV show, Meet President Trump. “It’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful show. Really hilarious. We’ve got all the best writers. In fact, all those cabinet appointments I’ve made? They’re actually who we’re going to use in the show.”

But President-elect Clinton was not so sure. “I really want Donald to be my Secretary of Commerce. I mean, the man can sell anything.  Am I right?”


This story is POLITICAL SATIRE and NOT Real News. Smile, everybody.




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